Medical Assistance

# 24 hours Help Line

Dirja Assistance call centre is staffed by qualified, experienced and competent assistance who work 24 hours to advise and assist you during any medical or travel emergencies.

# Medical Escort

If you or a loved one experiences medical difficulties while traveling, you need to know that you will be able to return home quickly and safely to receive further treatment. However, in some cases, the costs and logistics of being sent home in a short time can be quite large.

That’s where our Medical Escort service comes into play. For situations where there is no immediate threat to life – travel injuries, for example, broken limbs and other non-urgent medical problems – this package provides a safe and cost-effective way to get back to your home country quickly, for ongoing care.

24 Hours On Call Doctor Service

Someone can get sick at any time, especially for guests who are on tour/traveling trips who have to deal with different weather, food, and climate, for example, people can suddenly get allergies, diarrhea, headaches, or fever. Other illnesses can also occur at unexpected times, such as late at night or early in the morning when people don’t have much time to go to the hospital. In addition, technology provides many benefits to help people get health facilities more easily. Therefore, a 24-hour doctor’s call service was created and designed to bring doctors to carry out in-person examinations at patients’ homes, lodging and certain places at any time.

Medical Evacuation

It provides medical evacuation services known as Medevac, which are intended as a means of medical evacuated transportation for  patients to various destinations inside and outside the region. Ambulance Services is equipped with international standard facilities and it is consist  of ground vehicle (land ambulances), aircraft, helicopter, and private jet (air ambulances) and speedboat or fastboat (sea ambulance).

Emergency Help

Emergency care refers to emergency medical attention given to an individual who needs it. It includes those medical services required for the immediate diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions which if not immediately diagnosed and treated, could lead to serious physical or mental disability or death.

Ambulance Transportation

Ambulance services means services provided by a licensed ambulance provider consist of ground, air, and sea transportation for a sick or injured person with a specially designed and equipped vehicle which includes a trained ambulance attendant who is licensed or certified as required by state law.

The ambulance serves activities that are risk of occurring to emergency care such as:

  • Outbound
  • Music Concert
  • Sport Match
  • Exhibition or Seminar
  • Wedding Reception

It is used for rental Ambulance Services in emergency conditions. Our ambulances are consist of all the latest and upgraded equipments necessary to provide stability to patients till they are transferred to hospitals.

Standby Ambulance

Ambulance Rental

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